Our ambition

We are now playing a part in the global ambition to become number 1 in HR services worldwide.

USG People’s challenge entails expanding its staffing activities on the European continent and further advancing its position in the top segment of the industry. We will accomplish this by further developing our existing activities and through acquisitions.

We adopted the unit management philosophy to further optimise the effectiveness of our existing organisation. This will encourage ownership throughout our organisation, thereby boosting the quality of our services and raising our profitability. Continuous improvement as a part of our DNA will put us one step ahead of the competition. We continue to invest in optimising our processes, our distribution and our services through digitisation and making use of new technologies. This will support our people in delivering quality services efficiently and with a high level of flexibility. 

Furthermore, we will increase our market position through acquisitions. We aim to expand our market share in large economies such as France and Germany, to broaden our coverage outside our current geographies in order to gain a broader European foothold and to further optimise our leading positions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Ultimately, we will offer opportunities to individuals and organisations throughout the European continent.

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