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USG People is about people. The success of the company therefore largely depends on the performance of our employees. The efforts and competencies of the individual employees, as well as the connection between employees and the way they work together determine the results, development and further growth of USG People. It is in this belief that we constantly invest in being a good employer. Sustainable employability and, more specifically, the maximisation of talent play a key role in this. Sustainable employability has to do with the question of how ‘job market fit’ someone is. We believe it is important to invest in flexible, involved, competent and healthy employees. Maximising talent has to do with someone’s motivation, enthusiasm, education and development. Employees who help to further their development and that of USG People, but who also continue to develop their relevant knowledge and competencies for the job market in a broad sense. USG People offers its employees a stimulating work environment and facilitates their development. This provides employees at all units and layers of the organisation with possibilities to develop their talent. Our human resources policy and processes are aimed at facilitating this as best as possible.

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