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As an HR services provider the satisfaction and involvement of our own employees is very important to us. These aspects are measured each year in collaboration with Great Place to Work®, and in 2015 we once again conducted a broad survey to assess the satisfaction and involvement of our employees. The findings of the annual survey are used as a basis for further development and improvements.

In 2015 Unique and Secretary Plus in the Netherlands, Start People in Belgium and USG People in Germany were awarded a ‘Best Workplace’ designation.

Around 6,000 people are employed within our organisation. All new employees followed our on-boarding programme, which is facilitated online. New employees are acquainted with matters such as the mission, vision, strategy, ambitions, values, sustainability and culture of USG People and its star brands, as well as with what our organisation expects from individual employees in their respective jobs.

USG People attracts employees who possess the knowledge and competencies needed to perform their job and which fit into our corporate culture. USG People hires employees not only to fulfil a certain position but also to help them further their development and careers. The use of qualified, motivated and trained employees is crucial for ensuring the sustainable growth and further development of USG People and our employees.

All new employees follow an onboarding programme focused largely on the mission, vision, strategy, ambitions, values and culture of USG People and its star brands, as well as on the requirements linked to the employee’s position.

These days employees, and that includes USG People employees, must be flexible to stay connected to the job market and the required knowledge and competencies. Sustainable employability, and particularly training and education, play a key role in this. USG People considers it important that employees are aware that they themselves are responsible for their own development. The range of training and educational courses we offer helps us raise awareness of this among our employees. The training and education of our employees also fulfill an important role within USG People to achieve and maintain having the right people in the right jobs. The training and educational courses on offer play into the ambitions and needs of young talents, while at the same time ensuring that older, more experienced employees are able to maintain their level of knowledge skills and to share these with younger generations.

Each indirect employee of USG People participates in the performance management process according to an annual cycle of planning, performing and assessing. At the start of the year targets are set in consultation with each employee both with respect to competency development and company results. Progress is assessed midway through the year and the employee’s development and results achieved are assessed at the end of the year. For part of our staff this review now incorporates 360-degree feedback, meaning that not only the manager but also colleagues and other peers provide their feedback. The ultimate assessment, as well as the employee’s potential, is important input for identifying talent in our organisation.

USG People aims to achieve leadership based on trust and responsibility with scope for personal leadership, whereby the strategy is put into practice and leads to results. USG People’s talent development programmes are focused not only on strengthening leadership but also on promoting personal development in the respective position and career. USG People implements an integrated programme approach for the development of senior and middle management in order to promote the advancement to key positions in senior management. USG People aspires to structurally fill at least 80% of its senior management vacancies through internal promotions.

The standards and values that are at the core of the organisational culture of USG People are more than just words. They are values that are expressed in our day-to-day actions and in the way we do business. Our business principles are: commitment to results, passion, involvement, professionalism and progress. We also measure how our employees score on the competencies and conduct associated with the business principles. These business principles serve as a guideline for the way we work. These core standards and values are put into practice in our day-to-day activities. Our basic responsibilities towards our stakeholders are leading this respect.

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