Our flex workers

USG People provides flex workers with a link to the job market. We help people achieve their professional ambitions and shape their career. We offer flex workers attractive opportunities to shape their careers under good conditions and to further their professional development. Our extensive network of clients and the development possibilities to which USG People has access offer attractive opportunities for people to achieve their full potential. USG People uses its years of expertise to help people do what they do best and develop their talent. This provides them
with versatile and sustainable opportunities for a satisfying job, successful career and the development of social status.

USG People is focused on people. Helping more people find a job is not limited to people who can be placed relatively easily. USG People is also increasingly helping more vulnerable people and those with fewer opportunities in the job market. This category includes people with a limitation, younger and older people, the long-term unemployed and other people who are further removed from the job market.

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